VCT & Vinyl Planks Floor

Vinyl Planks Flooring

When it comes to your home, office, or commercial building vinyl plank flooring is the resilient ideal choice for both easy installation with little to no mess and hardy resilience. At Flooring Installer, we provide the quality vinyl that is quickly becoming the modern choice for flooring. Installing planks is perfect for any kitchen, bathroom, hallway, or home office, and is easy to clean and looks great in a variety of colors and textures.

Flooring Installer offers vinyl planks in many designs that set a natural aesthetic tone to any room. It can create a great earthy look to help blend a room of modern taste with the natural elements. With the growth of alternative floor options, this kind of blending is the aesthetic ideal for our times.

Designs range from hardwood to stone and ceramic, and also a wide variety of colors and hues. You can find planks to match any room and any style at both the home and the office. In many cases store fronts and shopping centre’s are using vinyl plank floors. The hardwood design is a popular choice, and leaves any room feeling neat and clean. The ceramic design is great by the front door or in the laundry room. All these great designs are available because of state of the art digital design technologies. The designs I suggested are just the tip of the ice berg in vinyl plank possibilities that can be found at Flooring Installer. The design options are vast and stunning, and you are sure to find one that suits your every need.


Installing vinyl planks is easy and more affordable than most floor options. The DIY people love this product it can be done with little tools, no loud noises, and no dust what so ever. If the celebrating gets out of hand after the DIY project, your new floor is extremely resilient to moisture and is stain resistant. It’s perfect for more than the front and back door of your home, any rooms with heavy traffic and need of a durabile product. If your kids forget to take off their shoes after playing in a muddy yard, you’ll be happy with how easy it will be to clean up. Vinyl planks are among the easiest to maintain, and easy to install, and they are quickly becoming the popular floor option when looking for durability and a warm look and feel.

Any modern home deserves only the best, most quality products, and that’s exactly what you’ll get at Flooring Installer.