Vinyl Floor Vancouver

Vinyl Floor Vancouver

Here is a beautiful Oak Plank Vinyl Floor from Allure. Flooring Installer is the right choice for your floor covering installations.
There are various kinds of flooring options available in the market today. Vinyl flooring is available in sheets and individual tiles and now vinyl planks, too. Vinyl flooring is a variant of linoleum and it is stain and water resistant, making it an ideal choice for bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, entryways and more. In Vancouver , Vinyl flooring is an excellent choice for many rooms in your home or business.

Vinyl sheet flooring is the most water resistant. Vinyl tile or Vinyl plank flooring have had advances in technology that have enabled vinyl to have the appearance of real wood, stone or tile and still be great for water prone areas. If you have any questions, though, be sure to contact Flooring Installer in Vancouver.

Vinyl flooring Vancouver can tolerate heavy traffic and is resistant to spills which makes it ideal for kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, and rec-rooms as well as any home with pets or children. The wide range of colours and textures available in vinyl floor covering makes vinyl a great choice and a good match any decor.

Vinyl has seven layers which consist of the wear layer, the printed layer, an inner core consisting of the foam, vinyl layer and a backing. The inner core protects vinyl flooring from rips and bends while the wear layer is the contact layer which is prone to dents and scratches. So, ideally, higher the density of inner core, the better is the vinyl flooring.

The design professionals at Floor Installer in Vancouver can help you make the ideal choice in vinyl flooring.