When looking at options for kitchen flooring there might not be a better fit than vinyl.

Vinyl floors have been around for many many years and have just gotten better and better. No wonder people are going back to it, people remember how hard they were on their parents vinyl sheet floors.

Yes the vinyl sheet is still around, and is even more durable than ever. The wear material is thicker and stronger, it is better against water, and even has a better scuff and tear threshold.

Not too mention the style, texture and design choices. Many times people will even think a good vinyl is actual tile.

Then you get into the vinyl squares which you see in homes and commercial applications as well. But the most popular of vinyl is the vinyl plank floor. These can be glued down, click together, or have a peel strip where they bond to each other.

Picking the right one to go with your kitchen cabinets might be the hardest of choices for your floor options to your new dream kitchen.

Installing vinyl floor in your kitchen or any other room is s imple process, and can be done with limited mess. For the most part it is still best for a professional vinyl flooring installer to go ahead with the project but a good DIY handyman is more than capable.